About Batik

Photography by 2 Reeves Photography

Batik is an ancient art form that uses a wax-resistant dyeing technique to create one-of-a-kind designs on cloth. Stellar Batik’s process begins with high quality, 100% cotton fabric. Every image is drawn freehand by Stellar Batik with melted wax on a piece of fabric. After the wax hardens, each item is hand painted and then waxed over to seal in the colors. In the dyeing process, the color is unable to fully penetrate the design. However, as the wax bends, it begins to crack, which allows some of the dye to organically seep through. After dyeing, the fabric is boiled in soap and water to remove the wax. This process shrinks the fabric which further sets in the dye. Through our process of batik, an ordinary piece of fabric is transformed into a unique and colorful garment. Find the perfect design on our Etsy page, or learn about creating your own, one-of-a-kind batik with a Batik Party. To find upcoming Stellar Batik events in your area visit us on Facebook!